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An Overview of RO DM Water Plant Manufacturer/Demineralization Water Plants manufacturer

Acroama water Treatment System is one of the best in RO DM water plant Manufacturers/ Demineralization water plant in Chennai India. DM Plant known as demineralizer or demineralizer is also known as DI or deionized.

What is Demineralization Water Plant (DM Plant)?

Demineralization water plant is the process of removing mineral salts from Raw Water by using the ion exchange process. Raw water from well, bore or any source will have dissolved salts in ion form.

demineralization water plant

Demineralised Water is Water completely free from dissolved minerals using following process:

  • Reverse Osmosis -Deminerilaztion Plant (RO DM Plant)
  • Distillation Process
  • Demineralization Process (DM plant)
  • Electro Deionization Plant (EDI Water Plant) Demineralized Water ( DM Water Plant) also known as Deionized Water, Which is free from all ions or dissolved salts.  Deionization is process of exchanging ions with the resins.

RO DM Water Plant Manufacturers/ Demineralization Water Plant Process

DM Water Plant is used in Industrial applications, Where as High purity of Dm Water is required and  it should be free from Ions. Acroama Water Treatment system is Best DM water Plant Manufacturers in Chennai India, Providing solution to various clients across pan India. DM water of required quality is produced from DM water plant Supplied. Acroama Water Treatment system provided DM Water plant with following combinations

1.      Reverse osmosis Demineralization Plant (RO DM Water plant)

2.      Two Bed Demineralization Plant( Dm Water Plant)

3.      Mixed Bed Demineralization Plant (DM Water Plant –MB)

Where RO DM water plant manufacturers/ Demineralization Water Plant is used?

 Boiler Feed Water in Thermal Power Plant

 Pharmaceutical Industy






 Paint Industries

We are solution provider company in Sea water  and waste water treatment and majorly we serve our products for customers in National : Maharashtra, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Andra Pradesh, Telugana, Pondicherry, Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, etc International : Dubai, Oman, Saudi, Ajman , Mauritius, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malaysia, etc.

Acroama Water Treatment system involved in manufacturing different types of DM Water Plant/ Demineralization water plant

  1. Commerical Demineralization water plant Manufacturers
  2. Industrial Demineralization water plant Manufacturer
  3. Compact Demineralization water plant (DM Plant)
  4. Laboratory Demineralization Water Plant( RO DM Water Plant)


Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis plant is used in removing the contaminants present in raw water such as bore water, surface water, well water.
The aim of Reverse osmosis plant manufacturer is to provide safe and pure drinking water to the community  people. Read More Industrial Ro Plant Manufacturer

Ultrafiltration System

In wastewater treatment Process, ultrafiltration (UF) devices are used to recycle and reuse water that contains virtually no physical solids. Ultrafiltration  system definition, applications and industries using UF RO plant for details Ultrafiltration System Manufacturer.

Desalination Plant

Sea Water desalination processes is separation of dissolved salts and other minerals from water. Raw water sources like brackish, seawater, wells, surface (rivers and streams), wastewater, and industrial feed and process waters containts high TDS, Which is processed using Desalination Plant Machine manufacturer. Fore More details click Desalination Plant machine Manufacturer

MBBR Treatment System

Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is a best technology used for wastewater treatment process suitable for domestic, municipal and industrial application. MBBR STP Sewage Treatment System Uses thousands of Polyethylene biofilm media in floating motion in the Aeration tank. For More details click MBBR STP Sewage Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment System

Effluent are industrial waste water coming from their process. Tannery Effluent Treatment Plant,
Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant, Chemical Effluent Treatment Plant, TExtile Effluent Treatment Plant,
Laundry effluent treatment Plant, car washing treatment plant etc. For more details click Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Sewage Treatment System

Sewage Treatment plant is installed in all Hotels, Apartments, Industries, Factories, Schools, colleges, hostipal,
Labour camp etc. It is used to purify the sewage water from the mentioned area to treated water as per the pollution control board norms.
For More details click Stp Sewage Treatment Plant

Demineralization Water Plant

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