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The process of purifying or reusing water is done in an effective way with Acroama water treatment system availing with the latest and well maintained equipments. Our products are Recommended as Best Ro Plant Manufacturer, Effluent Treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, Desalination plants, Demineralization plant, Ultrafiltration plant etc

Welcome to Acroama Water Treatment system, we have 11+ years of experience in water treatment plant. we have good exposure in industrial plant, we are specialized in leather industry, Hospitals, food and beverage industries, chemical factories and so on.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Ro Plant Manufacturer

We are pioneer in  Ro Plant manufacturer for hotels, colleges, factories, Hospitals etc. Our products in 100% industrial standards. Acroama is also is setting up commerical reverse osmosis Plant, Mineral water plant as per ISI norms. Read more ….

Desalination Plants

Acroama Water Treatment is Best recommended in providing solutions for customers handling high saline water or sea water. Acroama offers Sea water Treatment plant or Desalination plant manufacturing unit. Read more

Sewage Treatment Plant

Acroama with more than 11+ years of Experience in water treatment and wastewater treatment system provides setting up Sewage treatment plant to many industrial model like domestic sewage treatment plant. Our sewage treatment plant treats the sewage from domestic and industrial factories and provide treated water as per pollution control board.Read more….

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Manufacturer

Our Team of Experts provide 100% Guarantee solutions for Industrial needs related to Tannery Effluent Treatment Plant, Industrial waste Water Treatment, Chemical waste water treatment system, Dairy effluent treatment plant, Grey water treatment solution, Bio medical waste water treatment and read more….

Demineralization Plant

Dimeralization Plant is used to remove the dissolved salts present in raw water. Acroama offers proven and trusted results in Pharmaceutical industries. Ro Dm plant provide pure form of water for factories, industries as per their requirements. Our models comes with Anion Bed, Cation Bed and Mixed Bed. It also comes with RO. Read More….

Ultrafiltration Plant

Ultrafiltration plant is used as pretreatment system for RO Plant, and post treatment for sewage treatment plant. It is used to remove suspended particles in the feed water. Ultrafiltration Plant is used  to obtain treated water quality at higher standard as per the customer needs. Ultrafiltration membrane are used for filtration and it is cost wise higher. Read more

All you want to know is about Acroama water treatment systems and process going on

What is RO water treatment?

Reverse Osmosis (RO Plant) is the process of removing the impurities in an efficient way through a semipermeable membrane which is done under a high pressure and the impurities are separated and send down to different pipe. Recommended as Best Ro Plant manufacturer in chennai Get your Equipments best at Acroma water treatment system.

What is Demineralized water?

Demineralization water are those which has no minerals i.e.., Water will be deionized . Water which is going to be used for Chemical process in order to not make the minerals not to react with the chemicals this process is done.

What is Sewage treatment plant?

Sewage water treatment system manufacturer with the pride of running the company for many decades is Acroama water treatment systems.

What is Desalination Plants?

Desalination Plants is process of treating source water like sea water, effluent water, salt water into portable water.

What is Effluent Treatment Plant?

Desalination Plant is process of treating source water like sea water, effluent water, salt water into portable water.

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