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  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Our Effluent treatment Plants provide effective solutions to effluent odor control, BOD reduction, aeration, clarification, phosphorous and nitrogen removal and more. Our process experts work with the design team to learn the various factors that contribute to a plant’s design, including effluent requirements, land availability, energy, labor and disposal costs.

    We then apply our extensive process knowledge and product expertise, analyzing the efficiency of each process, their interaction with other components, while optimizing the overall efficiency of the entire system from start to finish.

    Acroama Water Treatment System provides industrial water treatment plant for various industries like leather, oil mills, hospital, chemical factory, paramedical, Iron and steel industry, Mines and quarries, Food industry, Pulp and paper industry, Complex organic chemicals industry, Nuclear industry, water treatment.

    Acroama water treatment will provide the various treatments for industrial waste water like
    • Brine treatment
    • Brine management
    • Solids removal
    • Oils and grease removal
    • Removal of biodegradable organics
    •      Activated sludge process      Trickling filter process
    • Treatment of other organics
    • Treatment of acids and alkalis
    • Treatment of toxic materials

    Our ETP process will be suitable for all the industries.